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Girl, get it together

Posted by Krystal Perez-Ivy on

For the past few years I’ve been trying to open up a wholesale account with a specific manufacturer. The start up requirements include an online shop having 250 individual items listed and a $2,000 minimum opening order. I could always get the funds together, but never the inventory. As a tiny shop, do you know how difficult it is to have 250 individual items? Sheesh. If you think about it in fabric, that’s about $25k in bolt inventory.

Right now, my item count is 93. Do I have plenty of other inventory I could list? Yes! I spent the last day going through my inventory and discovered I have a bunch of items I never listed. I’m talking patterns, books, notions, embroidery stuff, and GGF merchandise.

At the time of this writing, I have about 75 individual items I need to get listed. That still leaves me with an 82 item deficit.

Looks like I’m going inventory shopping! I have ideas for more merchandise and Quilt/KISS Kits, but those take time to put together. I did place an order for Pen and Paper Quilt Patterns, so those are on their way. I’m also finalizing another AGF bolt order.

Instead of looking at this as Woe Is Me, I’m treating it as a Wake Up Call. If I want to run with the big girls, I need to stock like a big girl. Ya feel me?


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