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I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

Posted by Krystal Perez-Ivy on

 I'm starting my day listening to Bright Eyes. If you are unfamiliar with Conor Oberst, I highly suggest you fall in love with him immediately. 

It's such a great day to announce my new adventure! After years of dreaming and months of practice, I've finally launched Good Girl Fabric's Long Arm Quilting Services! 

The best part is that I am offering a $50 special for quilt tops that are 60x70 inches OR no bigger than 4,200 square inches. This will allow for quilt tops that are a bit +/- of 60x70 inches. To calculate the square inch of your quilt, multiply the Length times Width. Here are the links if you are interested in this service :) 

$50 Edge to Edge Long Arm Quilting Services

Regular Edge to Edge Long Arm Quilting Services

Long Arm Quilting FAQ

You might be thinking, HOLY MOLY! ONLY FIFTY BUCKS?! HOW?! WHY?!

I am running this special for a few reasons. 

Long Arm Quilting Services is EXPENSIVE

I am a quilter myself, and if you are like me -- we try to be baller on a budget. More than likely you are spending $300 on fabric alone. Now you have to spend another $100 to get it quilted. Sweet Jeebus. Often we have to choose between getting our quilt top long armed or buying new fabric. Unacceptable. Listen, some people call it "supporting your addiction," but I call it Living Your Best Life! 

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

As a Latina, I am a minority in the Quilt Community. I've felt it in every step I've taken to be accepted in this world. I've asked myself, why are we so under represented? I realized that quilting is an expensive hobby and it is mostly targeted towards people that can afford it. I want to make sure that EVERYONE can experience this hobby without barriers. I can contribute to this buy offering affordable products and services. 


So what are you waiting for? Take out your measuring tape and box of WIPs. Let's get you quilted! 


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