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Morbid AF

Posted by Krystal Perez-Ivy on

The neurologist is currently exploring two diagnosis’s: neurosarcoidosis or multiple sclerosis. Both are auto immune disorders that will be a life long battle, but there is medication that will help suppress the flair ups.

Since we cannot biopsy the known lesions in my brain and spine (can cause paralysis), we’ll do a PET SCAN to see if there are other lesions that can be safely biopsied.

I refuse to read about either condition because I don’t think I can handle knowing the worst of the worst. I’m taking this one day at a time for my anxiety sake.

I’ve had the past month to really evaluate my life. Thinking you’re dying will do that to you. I beefed up my life and supplemental insurance. I worry about my family surviving without me. It’s really important to me that their lifestyle not change when I’m gone. I want the last gift I give them is a comfortable life.

I write this as if I am dying tomorrow, but that’s not the case. No doctor has told me I’m dying! If anything, she told me that these are manageable disorders. But if you know me, I’m dramatic AF. Sigh 🤦🏻‍♀️

I promise that these blog posts won’t be such Debbie Downers all the time 😂😬 But it does help getting all of this off my chest. 



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