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Long Arm Quilting FAQ

My Promise: From Your Hands to Mine

Thank you for choosing Good Girl Fabric to quilt your masterpiece. Every quilt we make is filled with so many emotions, I know it's a little nerve wrecking to send it off to a stranger. I promise that I will care for your quilt as if it was my own. While I cannot promise perfection, I can offer my undivided attention. 

How does your pricing work?
I have a flat rate of $0.02 cents per square inch
Example: 60 x 72 = 4,320 inches
4,320 x $0.02 =  $86.40
I do have a minimum charge of $50.00 

How should I prepare my quilt?
Make sure seams are all pressed nicely and that your backing and batting are at least 4” bigger on all four sides of your quilt.  (This allows for loading the quilt on the machine, as well as shifting of the quilt top.)

Can you piece my backing?
I will piece your backing for a $10.00 fee. The price is double if the fabric needs to be pattern matched or is Minky material. 

Can you bind my quilt?
Yes, I offer trimming / hand binding services, below is pricing.

I do not bind scalloped edge quilts.
Currently I do not offer machine binding. Let's be real, it never comes out perfect and it gives me anxiety to have you pay money for wonky stitching. If you really do not care and would like machine-binding, then shoot me a message and I will offer a discounted rate. Just don't hate me if it's not perfect. 

Hand binding (cotton/flannel backed quilts)
.25/inch + $5 flat fee for trimming

Hand binding (minky backed)
.35/inch + $5 flat fee for trimming

Quilt trimming
$5 flat fee no matter the quilt size

Making binding
$5 flat fee no matter the quilt size

Do you offer a Rush Service?
I do offer Rush services for a 24-48 hour turnaround there is a $50 rush fee. 

What’s the biggest size your machine can handle?
I can do quilts up to 120″ wide on my machine.

How does your shipping work?
If you are shipping your quilt, you are responsible for shipping to and from the destination. I am located in Houston, TX. I will ship quilts at the lowest possible cost using flat rate boxes, if possible.

Medium Flat Rate Box: $15.00
Large Flat Rate Box: $20.00

If you have any other questions, contact me at goodgirlquilting@gmail.com