Lemon Cat Cross Stitch Pattern - Bundle

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Barbara Ana's cross stitch designs are always playful and inventive. Fascinated by cats, she portrays a black cat with hypnotizing eyes and an oversized head. The cat is dressed in an elaborate costume, mixing a full skirt with geometric patterns, a blouse with puffy sleeves and a satin frock coat. 

 The character of the cat is standing under a branch of lemon tree forming like a protective arch. The slightly muted color palette is revived by the yellow of the lemons and the turquoise leaves, both illuminating the embroidery.

The design is available as a printed hardcopy pattern and comes bundled with everything needed to get started. 


  • Printed pattern
  • 13 full skeins of DMC cotton embroidery floss
  • 28ct Dirty Linen (14" x18")
  • Size 26 tapestry needle
  • Project zipper bag
  • Needle minder

Pattern details:

  • Stitching area: 76 stitches wide x 108 stitches high
  • Finished size: 6.00" x 8.00" on 32-count
  • Thread: DMC
  • Model was stitched on 28-count linen
  • Types of stitches: Cross stitch