The House with the Mezzanine Cross Stitch Pattern by Gera! Kyoko Maruoka - Bundle

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This pattern is an illustration of the beginning of a short story by Russian writer Anton Chekov, where the narrator, a painter, suddenly comes across a house:

"I came to a white house with a terrace and a mezzanine, and suddenly a vista opened upon a farmyard with a pond and a bathing-shed, and a row of green willows, with a village beyond, and above it stood a tall, slender belfry, on which glowed a cross catching the light of the setting sun. For a moment I was possessed with a sense of enchantment, intimate, particular, as though I had seen the scene before in my childhood."

 This house becomes very special to him as he gets to know the daughters of the family and love ensues, then loss. 

Clearly visible in Kyoko Maruoka's work, the green light in the mezzanine window, serves a link between the narrator outside and the young woman - and her sister - inside.

"I remember the green light in the window, and the sound of my own footsteps as I walked through the fields that night, when I was in love "

The design is available as a printed hardcopy pattern and comes bundled with everything needed to get started. 


  • Printed pattern
  • 28 full skeins of DMC cotton embroidery floss
  • 32ct Tropical Green Linen (13" x18")
  • Size 26 tapestry needle
  • Project zipper bag
  • Needle minder

Pattern details:

  • Stitching area: 107 stitches wide x 145 stitches high
  • Finished size: 7.00" x 9.00" on 32-count
  • Thread: DMC
  • Model was stitched on 32-count linen
  • Types of stitches: Cross stitch