Posing Cross Stitch Pattern by Gera! Kyoko Maruoka - Bundle

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Surrounded by flowers, the schoolgirl -  not quite a child anymore, not quite a young woman yet - takes the pose, sunshade in hand, lost in her daydreams.
Lush vegetation, with colorful and generous flowers, surrounds her. Look closer however and you will notice she is also enclosed, as if locked in, a pretty metaphor of adolescence.

The design is inspired by a scene in the novel by Osamu DazaiThe Schoolgirl. The novel deals with adolescence and everything that passes through the head of a young girl, daydreaming, prey to the interrogations and torments that characterize the fragile period between childhood and adult life. It takes place in pre-war Japan but it is a timeless novel that retains all its relevance today. 

The design is available as a printed hardcopy pattern and comes bundled with everything needed to get started. 


  • Printed pattern
  • 34 full skeins of DMC cotton embroidery floss
  • 32ct Sea Lily Linen (13" x18")
  • Size 26 tapestry needle
  • Project zipper bag
  • Needle minder

Pattern details:

  • Stitching area: 112 stitches wide x 126 stitches high
  • Finished size: 7.00" x 8.00" on 32-count
  • Thread: DMC
  • Model was stitched on 32-count linen
  • Types of stitches: Cross stitch