About Me

The Long Version

A few years ago I started living what I called my Second Life. I was 30, newly divorced and living on my own. I learned a lot that first year. I taught myself how to cook for one person, I was introduced to Tinder (cringe) and I took up cross stitching to keep my hands occupied. 

I soon realized that there is no instant gratification in cross stitching and I needed another outlet to occupy my time. I knew my way around a sewing machine, trying my hand at homemade clothing since I was a teen, but I needed a serious upgrade from the little $70 Brother collecting dust. I attended the 2015 International Quilt Festival with the sole intention of test driving a moderately priced sewing machine. Instead I walked out with a Bernina B770 and Jenny Doan's autograph. I was in love. 

My love grew tenfold when I discovered how easily the quilting community embraced a newcomer like me. Hours were spent at my local quilt shop, learning about my new machine and talking technique and experiences. I found comfort among the rows of beautiful fabric. 

I daydreamed about quitting my job and moving to Missouri so I could work for Jenny as a fabric cutter. Sounds crazy, but I just wanted to be around fabric all day, everyday. Over two years, this daydream morphed into actually owning my own fabric shop. It's hard to explain what it felt like the day I decided to take the plunge, but it is accurately portrayed by Mary Katherine Gallagher in Superstar when she jumps into the pool. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the movie. You're welcome. 

Now here I am, working on this website and trying to make a name for myself. With the complete intention of sounding dramatic and very extra, this small online shop is the first step to the rest of my life. Fingers crossed! 

The Short Version

I'm just a good girl trying to sell beautiful fabric and awesome stuff.